a new approach to investing 

How it works

Here's how to maximise your cash flow with affordable multiple micro-apartments under one residential roof.
The Property

Ordinary properties with an extraordinary difference

INVIDA properties flip the residential property investment model on its head. Our unique co-living model allows investors to purchase in sought-after residential suburbs and maximise their rental income by dividing that property into several, self-contained micro-apartments. Each micro-apartment features a sleeping area, sitting area, dining space, kitchenette, and ensuite bathroom. Plus, there are communal areas that residents can share and create community within.


Multiple income streams

A single INVIDA co-living investment property provides 3 - 5 separate income streams from their residents (depending upon how many micro-apartments are contained within the property). The resulting rental income is up to 3 X typical rents in the neighbourhood. By having multiple residents under one roof, investors minimise the risk and lost income associated with change of tenancy. Even if one resident moves out, there is still income coming in. 


High income meets capital growith

INVIDA co-living conversions and custom builds return 7-11% gross. That's real positive cash flow in your pocket from day 1! When compared with the typical 2-3% standard residential properties return, it's easy to see why INVIDA co-living is one of the best performing residential investments on the Australian market. And because INVIDA seeks out high-growth areas sought after by residents, you'll benefit from capital gains equal to or higher than standard investment properties.


Meeting the market

The demand for co-living is huge! And that's because housing affordability is scarce. With an oversupply of large family homes and an undersupply of affordable housing, Australia's residential property market is upside down. INVIDA co-living investors meet the market with quality affordable, furnished micro-apartments, that allow residents to save up to 50% off typical rents and save to buy their own home faster.

Reshaping the way we think about property investing

INVIDA co-living is for property investors who are frustrated with low or negative returns. We are the experts in co-living in Australia with over 15 years in the industry and a deep understanding of the market, the regulations, and the design expertise to attract the best type of resident for consistent and superior returns.

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