co-living custom build 

Let's build better together

INVIDA partners with trusted builders to bring you Co-living Custom-Build House and Land projects that far outstrip typical residential rental returns.

High returns

Get started with as little as $170K cash or equity.


High returns

Earn up to $30K positive cash flow after all costs.

Turnkey solution

A custom-designed, fully-furnished co-living property. 

A tailored solution that maximises your returns

INVIDA offers tailored solutions for a range of budgets, with floor plan designs containing 4 or 5 micro-apartments. As an end-to-end solution, our team can help you find a suitable block, choose your home design, apply for finance, connect with your builder, track the construction of your project, apply for the appropriate co-living certifications, furnish, advertise, and fill your property with suitable renters. 

And because we guide you every step of the way, we make investing in a location that you don't live in straightforward. That way you can invest knowing you're getting the best possible return.

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High growth areas with booming rental markets

When you build with INVIDA, we've done the due diligence for you, by sourcing land in areas with strong local economies, large investments in infrastructure projects, a booming jobs market, and high demand for rental accomodation. We look for areas to invest in where capital growth is also forecasted to be strong.

Smart floor plans with practical finishes

Just like an ordinary home but with an extraordinary floor plan! That's the best way to describe an INVIDA co-living home. Each rental 'room' is a micro-apartment with kitchenette, a place to sleep, work, and relax. We source modern, practical fixtures and finishes, that withstand rental wear and tear and reduce maintenance costs.

Every room a master, every resident comfortable

Unlike an ordinary 'sharehouse', a co-living property has an egalitarian floor plan, where every bedroom is a master. All micro-apartments have an ensuite bathroom, individual A/C units, ceiling fans, and a television, with electricity metered separately. This results in greater resident comfort and longer tenancies.

Communal kitchens, laundries, and outdoor entertaining

In addition to the private room each renter enjoys, communal open plan kitchens, laundries, and outdoor entertaining areas are included. These provide a larger space for residents to cook, clean, and entertain in when needed, and also maintains a traditional floor plan that appeals to a wider market at resale time.

Expert management means low vacancy

Truly a turnkey solution, each INVIDA custom-build property is fully-furnished and styled, with everything down to the kitchenware, pillows, and comforters, rugs, cushions, plants, and artwork. Our expert management team will advertise property to find the best mix of residents to ensure you maximise your returns, no matter how far away form the property you live. 

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