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It's time for a new approach

A strategy to help you break free faster

Traditional property investing is outdated and doesn't work! 

Why? Because most property investments are negatively geared, so the cost of your mortgage and outgoings is more than the rent you receive each week.

You're constantly shelling out money to hold onto your investment property, hoping that the capital gains are enough to get you where you want to be in the long run.

We want to get you where you want to be faster!


Why Co-living?

Australia has too many singles and couples in need of affordable homes to rent, and an oversupply of large family homes.

Our co-living model flips the large single-family home model on its head, creating affordable micro-homes under one residential roof. 

When you invest in an INVIDA co-living property, you'll get superior yields and capital growth potential, while improving rental affordability and reducing social isolation across Australia.

Co-living is a win-win for investors and residents.

Positive cash flow from day 1

INVIDA is an alternative for investors who are frustrated with rising home prices, minuscule or negative returns.

Because when you go into the red every month just to hold your property, you can't grow your portfolio quickly. Your mortgage serviceability takes a nose dive and you play the waiting game until your equity increases and you can refinance.

INVIDA conversions and custom builds return generally 7-11% gross positive cash flow from day 1! So as soon as your property is rented, you can start working towards your next investment.


3 ways to get started


Have an existing property that you think would make a great co-living investment? We'll assess your property for its profit potential and compliance with legislation in your locale. Then, our INVIDA construction team will project manage your conversion, delivering you a completed, compliant, co-living property ready to rent.


Want to invest in co-living with an existing property? Our expert Buyers Agency team will source a property for you that can be converted into a co-living rental property that returns 7-11% gross annually. Once your property is sourced, you can use the INVIDA construction team to project manage your co-living conversion.


Maximise your investment dollar with a custom-built co-living property that taps into the huge demand for affordable rental accommodation. These house and land packages are designed to appeal to residents wanting private space within a community of co-residents, while returning investors 2-3 x typical rents.

An investment strategy that makes housing more affordable

INVIDA founder, investment educator and housing affordability advocate Ian Ugarte, is Australia's leading expert on the co-living micro-apartment strategy. Watch his chat with TICKER HOME about how co-living helps to reshape the housing landscape, giving residents a more affordable place to live and investors a fast-track to building their property nest egg.

Solutions for every step of the investor journey


Start your property investing off the right way with a cash flow positive property that will help you get into your dream home faster. Don't let inexperience or a booming market stop you. Our team has decades of investing experience to make sure you master the market from the start.


Have an existing property or portfolio that you know could be performing better? Our co-living properties return 2-3 x the typical residential investment with excellent capital growth potential. Turn your portfolio into a cash flow machine, and then set it to autopilot.


Could your retirement income do with a boost? Downsize and stay in the home you love by converting your existing home into a co-living rental. Or, draw equity from your home and build a custom-designed co-living property that returns positive cash flow from day 1.

Case Study

Matt and Vicky were already seasoned investors with 6 properties under their belt, when they hit a brick wall with the banks. Having moved to the Gold Coast, they wanted to buy a place of their own, but their borrowing capacity had capped out and the COVID economy had put a squeeze on lending.

The Problem

Faced with the likelihood of having to sell one of their investment properties in South East Queensland to finance their Gold Coast move, they started to look at co-living.

The Solution

The team from INVIDA helped Matt and Vicky run the numbers and they quickly realised that the positive cashflow from the converted South East Queensland house would satisfy the banks and allow them to buy their new home.

INVIDA converted their 4-bedroom single family home, into 5 micro-apartments, utilising the garage as the 5th apartment.

Vicky and Matt’s residents had been paying $670 per week prior to the conversion. Now they have a mix of residents, mainly younger, male and female, some studying and/or working. They now receive $1,350 in rent per week, a $35,360 uplift in annual cash flow.

In four to five years they expect to have a cash flow of $20K per year after expenses and after paying off what they’ve invested in the conversion. 

“It’s basically a 20% return on our money,” Matt says. “It’s not your typical thing, but you can’t just do what everyone else is doing because you’ll just get same result as everyone else.”

Success Stories

Build your positive cash flow through co-living like these smart property investors

Tour an INVIDA co-living conversion 

INVIDA changes lives

       If you’re serious about property investment, the only way to do it is to accumulate property. The only way to get multiple properties is with cashflow, and this strategy achieves that.

Vicky & Matt

$35K p/annum uplift

       As committed real estate investors, we’re very glad we discovered this strategy. Our superannuation was literally going downhill during COVID. This project has changed things for us. We have finally stopped the losses in our super.


Sandra & Richard

$42K p/annum uplift

       We count ourselves lucky to have found INVIDA. We recommend it to people all the time. It’s a turn-key solution and you will sleep well at night knowing that someone is following a well-defined process all the way.


Paola & Sergio

$27K p/annum uplift

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