The best performing

residential investment in the Australian market.

INVIDA co-living properties return up to 3 X the rent of typical residential homes and eliminate vacancy risks, with positive cash flow from day 1.

Are you a smart property investor?

Co-living is the strategy for smart property investors.

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How it works ...

Our unique co-living investment properties far outstrip typical residential property returns, allowing you to grow your property nest egg faster because instead of relying on 1 income stream, you can rely on 4 or 5. It's one of the most risk-averse strategies on the market.

Positive cash flow from day 1
7-11 % gross annual returns
High yields with all of the work done for you

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Our success stories ...

       If you’re serious about property investment, the only way to do it is to accumulate property. The only way to get multiple properties is with cashflow, and this strategy achieves that.

Vicky & Matt

$35K p/annum uplift

       As committed real estate investors, we’re very glad we discovered this strategy. Our superannuation was literally going downhill during COVID. This project has changed things for us. We have finally stopped the losses in our super.


Sandra & Richard

$42K p/annum uplift

       We count ourselves lucky to have found INVIDA. We recommend it to people all the time. It’s a turn-key solution and you will sleep well at night knowing that someone is following a well-defined process all the way.


Paola & Sergio

$27K p/annum uplift

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