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Here's how the INVIDA DevCon team can assist you with your subdivision or co-living development

(available for South East Queensland properties only)

Subdivision Consulting

Do you have land that has the potential to subdivide and need help with the approval process? INVIDA's DevCon team will guide you every step of the way to turn your single title into 2 or 3 separate titles with all of the associated approvals. We'll hand hold you through the process of council approval and civil works and approvals. Then, once relevant conditions have been met, we assist you in submitting your subdivision to the titles office so that you receive separate titles that can be sold or built on separately.

Co-living Duplex Design

If you have a site that you would like to build a co-living duplex on, the INVIDA DevCon team can assist you with our in-house design consulting. Whether you choose to use your own architect or one that we refer you to, we will assist you in creating a plan that maximises your returns while staying compliant with co-living or rooming legislation in your local council area. These design plans can then be implemented as 'accepted development', without the need for the lengthy 'code assessed' processes.

Co-living Single Dwelling Design

If you have a block of land that you would like to build a co-living single dwelling on, but you need design assistance, INVIDA DevCon can help. Just like our Duplex design consultancy, we'll lend our expertise to your design process to come up with a set of plans that maximise your potential cash flow from co-living rentals while remaining compliant with relevant legislation.


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Q: How much of the project will the DevCon team do?

The INVIDA DevCon team will guide you through the process of your subdivision or co-living duplex or single dwelling design. Under our mentorship, you will engage all the required external consultants separately, submit relevant documentation, and conduct any required research. We will be with you guiding you through all of these aspects of your project to ensure the process goes smoothly and efficiently, and so that next time, you will have the knowledge and confidence to go solo! Where required, we will speak directly to any consultants involved in your project for assistance and clarification.


Q: How much does it cost?

The fee for INVIDA DevCon consulting on your Subdivision, Co-living Duplex design, or Co-living Single Dwelling Design is $22K (inclusive of GST). Payment of your first instalment of $11K (inc GST) is required upfront.

For Subdivisions: Upon receipt of your first payment, we commence a one month period of due diligence on your project, whereby we provide preliminary town planning advice as to whether the subdivision is achievable. If your subdivision is not possible, we will refund your initial deposit less a $2200 fee to cover the town planning advice, planning fees, and the DevCon team time. If the project is viable, our team will work with you to prepare your development application for submission stage. Once you have Council approval of your subdivision, you will move to Stage 2, whereby the remaining $11K (inc GST) is payable. Stage 2 is the Operational and Civil Works stage and ends with a completed subdivision and 2 (or 3) separate titles ready to sell or build on separately.

For Co-living Duplex or Single Dwelling Design: Upon receipt of your first payment of $11K (inc GST), we commence the consultation with you and assist you in engaging a designer or architect for your project. Once plans are completed, if you engage your own builder, or you are a self-builder, the balance of our consulting fee ($11K in GST) is payable. However, if you choose to engage with our recommended builder, the 2nd instalment payment is not required as INVIDA will receive this payment form the builder.

Q: What am I paying for?

You are required to pay the INVIDA DevCon fee of $22K inc GST (see above for a breakdown of this fee). In addition, you are required to pay any external consulting fees such as; town planners, engineers, surveyors, council application fees, utility application fees, civil works costs, permit fees from local and state authorities, legal fees, infrastructure fees, and any other consultant fees. Financial advice, legal fees, and design or draughtsmen fees are not included in the INVIDA DevCon fee.

For Subdivisions: As a part of Stage 1 initial due diligence, you will receive a preliminary response from the town planner regarding the suitability of your site for subdivision, an estimate of the time frame for your subdivision, and an estimate of the minimum expected subdivision costs. At the end of stage 2, you will have received separate titles which you can then sell or build on separately.

For Co-living Duplex or Single Dwelling Design: You will receive bespoke design plans that maximise your return on investment and are specifically geared towards compliant co-living investment property rentals. At the end of our consultancy with you, you will have completed design plans, specifications, and renders. *Design fees are payable directly to the designer. The copyright for any designs we assist you with remains with INVIDA.


Q: How long will it take?

Subdivisions take typically from 9 to 12 months, depending upon local council lead times, consultant demand, and specific site considerations, as well as how quickly you as the client action the tasks required to keep your project moving along.

Design plan consulting for duplex or single co-living dwellings typically takes 8 weeks from initial concept to completed Building Application (BA) plans.

Q: What if I can't get approval for my subdivision?

If your subdivision does not pass our initial due diligence, you will receive a refund on your initial deposit less $2200 for consultant fees and the DevCon team time during this 4-week process. If you are stopped at the Operational and Civil Works stage, then the remaining $11K inc GST fee is not payable. Please refer above to 'How much does it cost?' for further details. 

Q: If I have two projects, is it one fee?

No. The INVIDA DevCon fee is the same for each project as the work required is specific to each site. However, if time is of the essence, our team can consult on more than one project at a time.

Q: Is there a discount for Ian Ugarte's HI-RES and Mastermind students?

Yes. For Co-living Duplex and Single Dwelling design, the fee for HI-RES and Mastermind students is two payments of $8250 inc GST (instead of two $11K payments).
Remember: If you choose to use our recommended builder for your duplex or single dwelling co-living project, the 2nd payment of $8250 will be waived.

Q: Is DevCon available in all states?

No. As we work closely with you, 1-on-1, our team is currently limited to assisting with projects in South East Queensland only.

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With over 40 years of combined experience on more than $100 million dollars worth of completed subdivision and small development projects, the INVIDA DevCon team are your industry experts.



Ian Ugarte

an Ugarte is the founder of INVIDA and the IAN UGARTE property training programs. With over 20 years of experience, Ian is an industry leader who has educated more than 250,000 Australians on all facets of property investment and development. He is also Australia's foremost expert on the co-living or micro-apartment property strategy.

INVIDA DevCon team


Josie Puddy

Josie Puddy has been investing in and developing property for over 10 years. Her experience covers renovation, extensions, boundary realignment, subdivision, strata titling, residential apartment development, construction, and project coordination. She is also a personal development coach and mentor for Ian Ugarte's Mastermind Program.



Jen Peut

Jen Peut has been involved in property development for over 15 years, having developed her own properties as well as her client's properties. She has experience in duplexes, rooming, subdivisions and even a 26 Unit townhouse development. If you want something done, you need Jen on your team as she makes things happen!

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