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What's next?

The next step in your INVIDA journey is to assess the best strategy possible for your budget, and to figure out how we can get you to your financial goals fastest. To do that, you'll chat one-on-one with our co-living finance expert, Paul Steele.

Paul and his team are experts at helping you understand your financial position. To find out more about the next step, watch this special message from INVIDA founder, Ian Ugarte.

Within 2 business days, you'll receive a message from our co-living finance expert, Paul Steele, or his team, to arrange a phone call to discuss your financial position and objectives. Ahead of this chat, prepare by writing a list of questions you have and also gathering any relevant financial information such as tax returns, loan or mortgage balances, and bank statements.

Following your initial phone call, Paul will send you an email outlining any information or documents he needs to better assess your financial position. The quicker you reply with that information, the faster your application will proceed.

Once those documents have been received, you will then book in a video conference with Paul and his team. 

Following your video conference with our co-living finance specialists, the INVIDA team will be back in touch to discuss and recommend the best option for you to achieve your goals.

Have questions or need to reschedule? Contact us at

But first .... meet Paul!

Whether you are a first, second, or twentieth homebuyer, or an experienced investor, Paul Steele has the experience and knowledge to find you a better home loan.

With a career that spans property development, banking, and finance, with a degree in property economics, and an MBA majoring in finance, Paul is well placed to help you navigate the ins and outs of property purchase or investment.

Paul helps families, savvy individuals, and self-employed borrowers with their property purchases, and he's incredibly well-versed in the co-living strategy. Paul's reputation for professionalism means he can often negotiate a better home loan deal than those advertised – even with your own bank!

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