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What Our Attendees Say

"Before the workshop, we were not confident property investors. We knew next to nothing about property investing, to be honest! But now, with a positive cash flow investment property in Brisbane earning us $3000 clear a month, we plan to do it again as soon as we can."

- Janet & Roger

"We naively bought from a financial planner, off the plan and without a lot of research. It was negatively geared we really needed to cut it loose or do something else with it. After joining the workshop, we successfully converted our underperforming investment property into high-yield co-living micro-apartments."

- Sergio & Paola

"We are originally from Canada and have been real estate investors for decades. With our combined skills and experience, we thought we were well-positioned for success. But an investment decision made after the global financial crisis left us struggling to recover financially. We needed to get educated, and that’s when we came across this workshop and started creating real positive cashflow."

- Sandra & Richard

"We were already experienced property investors and were looking at how we could grow our rental income. After joining the co-living workshop, we uplifted the rental return on our property by over $35K/year."

- Vicky & Matt

Join a network of smart investors and discover the strategies for securing high returns in the booming co-living market.

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