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Acquiring Co-Living Properties As A Way To

Unlock Positive Cashflow In Their Portfolio

…without requiring large cash deposits or sacrificing future capital growth!


3,500 Smart Investors


11-14% Yields


Unmatched Capital Growth

Property Investors Using Co-Living...

 Janet and Roger Tripled Their Rental Income Through a Positive Cash Flow Investment in Brisbane

"We knew next to nothing about property investing, to be honest! But now, with a positive cash flow investment property in Brisbane earning us $3000 clear a month, we plan to do it again as soon as we can."

Janet and Roger

A Sydney Couple's Journey from Negatively Geared to a $18K Positive Cashflow Property

 "We naively bought from a financial planner, off the plan and without a lot of research. It was negatively geared and we bought into the story. We count ourselves lucky to have found Ian Ugarte and Invida. We recommend it to people all the time. It’s a turn-key solution and you will sleep well at night knowing that someone is following a well-defined process all the way. We would definitely do it again."

Sergio and Paola

Canadian Real Estate Investors Turned Financial Setback into Success with HI-RES Strategy

"After struggling with a decade-long investment, we discovered Invida. Now, we've not only recovered but are thriving with positive cash flow properties in Australia. It's been a transformative journey."

Sandra and Richard

Micro-Apartment Strategy Doubles
the Rental Income for Queensland Couple

"Before, our residents were paying $670 per week. Now, with a mix of younger residents, we receive $1,350 per week and expect to easily raise the rent in the future. It’s basically a 20% return on our money."

Vicky and Matt

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